Mijia Writing LCD Board for Children

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  • the Mijia LCD blackboard maintains the consistent white minimalist style of its products, with a shape similar to that of the Pad tablet computer. The whole machine is wrapped in ABS material and is light and durable. With the light and thin fuselage of 7mm and fillet design, the grip in daily use feels very good. Xiaomi Mijia LCD Digital drawing tablet. At the same time, in order to meet different needs, the Mijia LCD small blackboard offers 10-inch and 13.5-inch versions. The 10-inch one is more suitable for carrying with you, and the 13.5-inch one looks more like a drawing board to the editor, leaving more creative space for everyone, either at home or in the office. And this time we got a 13.5-inch version. Xiaomi Mijia LCD Digital drawing tablet.Like all Pad, there are almost no buttons on the Mijia LCD blackboard, only the only clear screen button on the front, and press it to make everything on the screen clear. At the same time, in order to prevent misoperation in creation, a lock screen switch is designed on the side of the small blackboard. As long as the slider is set to the lock file, the contents of the screen can be locked, and even if the clear screen key is pressed, the content cannot be cleared. But you can continue to create. Xiaomi Mijia LCD Digital drawing tablet. In addition, at the bottom of the Mijia LCD blackboard is the battery compartment, which contains a button battery (CR2025) for power supply. The battery warehouse uses a double clasp design, mainly considering the safety of the use of children, such a design is not easy to remove the battery, so as to avoid accidental eating. Despite the fact that the 13.5-inch blackboard uses only such a small battery, the battery can last for a year on a 100-a-day erasure, according to officials, because it consumes almost zero power at the time of writing. It consumes a small amount of power only when the screen is refreshed. Xiaomi Mijia LCD Digital drawing tablet. In addition, with the Mijia LCD small blackboard matching there is a brush, through the magnetic absorption can be fixed in the designated area on the side of the picture, the storage is very convenient. In the process of writing, we found that the brush is very smooth to use, the brush will show turquoise handwriting in time, the font picture is very clear and eye-catching. At the same time, the small blackboard is also very sensitive to the change of pressure, and the thickness of the line can transition naturally with the change of pressure. Xiaomi Mijia LCD Digital drawing tablet
    If you are afraid of your children using too much energy, parents who damage the pen do not have to worry, because the brush is made of thermoplastic crystal polymer, the surface is smooth, the texture is hard and very wear-resistant. Children usually write practical and convenient, even graffiti will not easily damage the brush. Not only that, the Mijia LCD small blackboard screen belongs to no blue light, no dust not on the eye, very suitable for children’s daily writing and graffiti. Xiaomi Mijia LCD Digital drawing tablet. In addition, the Xiaomi LCD small blackboard daily office can also be useful, such as writing their own plans, ah, or when discussing problems with colleagues, can casually write and draw key points, which is more convenient and environmentally friendly than using paper. Of course, this small blackboard can also be put at home as a warm reminder message board, if there is anything you want to say to your family, just write and draw on this board. Xiaomi Mijia LCD Digital drawing ttablet. At present, the Mijia LCD blackboard has opened crowdfunding in Xiaomi Mall, selling for 49 yuan for the 10-inch version and 99 yuan for the 13.5-inch version, with pXiaomis of 49 yuan and 79 yuan, respectively. If you don’t have the need to carry around, it’s better to choose 13.5 inches. After all, the area is large and the creative space is freer.

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৳ 1,500.00 ৳ 2,500.00

Availability: 43 in stock

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